The New Mexico Center for Pain and Wellness is a local, physician-owned practice that specializes in comprehensive pain management. With multi-modal treatment, the new medical practice focuses on improving the quality of life of every patient they serve.

The center opened up in August and has been providing high-quality care for New Mexicans at its location on Riverside Plaza. Services offered include medication management, physical therapy, sleep medicine, psychology, orthotic fittings, and more.

The medical center’s owner, Dr. Christian Morris, explains that their practice tailors its treatment plans for each individual, making sure that all patients get customized and effective care. The Center for Pain and Wellness treats all kinds of pain, from acute pain to chronic pain.

With the opioid epidemic taking hold throughout the nation, the center makes sure to take a careful approach to prescribing opioids and focuses on trying other techniques for care when applicable. To learn more about the Center for Pain and Wellness, click here or call (505) 322-6687.