The Medicare Answer Team is here to help guide you through the medicare process. From enrollment to reviews, they make sure you have the right plan for you.

Is important that people understand what type of medicare plan they have, but most importantly which one will help them with whichever needs they have. Medicare Answers Team, Loreen & Lane serve people as translators because they know insurance and they can explain to the patient exactly what they are signing up for. “One of the major insurance carriers is losing one of their hospitals and they are changing over to a different one, so that’s a major change. So we are going back and visiting with our clients that we know have that plan with that carrier and looking at other options to make sure they don’t have to change everything, and it’s tough when you need to start over with new primary care and new hospital,” said Pierre Meuret, licensed agent.

Everyone should be checking their insurance yearly to make sure that they have the best plan that fits them. For more information visit their website.