The Funny Fiesta is back in Albuquerque for its third year, starting this Friday. This year it’s featuring 70 performances from all over the country including improv, drag queens, burlesque, poetry, music, and more.

This Fiesta will span over 20 different events, so whether you go for one show or all of them, mark your calendars for an event sure to make you laugh. Prices per show vary and can purchase them individually or you can purchase passes. Full pass for $200, 1st-week pass for $70, or a 2nd-week pass for $115-$135. The first week will start September 16-18 and the Second weekend will go from September 22-25.

The shows will vary each day, make sure to check the website to get tickets doe the shows you would like to see at Events start on September 16, located at North Fourth Art Center.