Everyone is creative, that’s what one of the owners of ‘Pinspiration’ believes and you know what, she’s right. ‘Pinspiration’ is a family-owned and operated crafting studio with more to it than meets the eye.

“The beauty of this business is it really brings out creativity and makes the creativity flow for everyone that comes to the studio.”

That statement from the co-owner and manager of Pinspiration, Cathy Rivera, could not be truer. Located in the Riverside Plaza, on Coors just north of Montano, Pinspiration is a Pinterest-inspired crafting studio.

The idea for the studio originated with a woman in Phoenix who thought having a place to go and craft, where there is already everything you would need to complete the project would be a fun addition to her community. Cathy Rivera and her family agreed and opened one in Albuquerque one year ago.

The studio offers everything from canvas painting to wood projects and you can even make candles. With over 50 canvas paintings to choose from, there’s something everyone will enjoy creating.

“We have a tutorial for every single painting. And on the tutorial, it actually, we have, it comes with a stencil and a transfer paper. They’ll transfer the stencil onto the canvas and then on the tutorial it actually tells them what paints to use, what brush number to use and actually what strokes to use,” says Rivera.

Pinspiration also offers a variety of workshops each month where people can come in and have an instructional workshop while they are creating their craft. Rivera says the classes are small so they can giver specialized attention to each attendee.

One specific draw that the Pinspiration craft studio has is the Jackson Pollack-inspired splatter room. They have two splatter rooms where people can go in, splatter paint a canvas as well as the walls and one another.

“You go in there and you just have at it. You paint and splatter your canvas. You paint the walls; I encourage you to paint the walls. And the most thing I do, which people tell me you shouldn’t say but paint each other,” says Rivera.

You are given a protective suit to wear inside the splatter room and all of the paint is washable and non-toxic.

Pinspiration also as a VIP party room perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, corporate team building and more.

“There’s so much things that people can do and if they just come in and see what we have, they will definitely want to stay,” says Rivera.

They are open Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:00PM until 7:00PM, Saturday from Noon until 9:00PM, Sunday from Noon until 6:00PM. They are closed on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Additionally, Pinspiration is celebrating their one-year anniversary on Sunday May 21st, 2023. They will be having a big celebration with food trucks, music, free cupcakes, discounts on crafts and more.