There are some things to consider before deciding to sell a home. Talia Freedman, the owner and qualifying broker with Talia Freedman and Company, has tips for knowing when to list a home.

“A lot of people think spring is the best time to list,” says Freedman; however, the broker explains that trying to wait for spring to list can be risky. Although selling prices typically go down in the winter, waiting for them to rise again in the spring is not always worth the risk, says Freedman.

Freedman recommends listing as soon as both the seller and the house are ready. The best day to list, according to Freedman, is Friday because people will often tour houses over the weekend. The broker says that having great photos and a house that is in good shape to be sold are the best ways to see success when listing a house for sale.

Talia Freedman is qualified with a background in marketing to make selling houses as quick and easy as possible. Freedman helps her clients stage their houses, advertise their houses, and complete the rest of the selling process with ease. To learn more about Talia Freedman and Co., visit their website at this link.