The idea of a kitchen or bath remodel can be downright terrifying -delays in product, the hot mess of demolition and the downtime from being able to feel comfortable in your home.  

No thank you!

Fortunately, Granite Transformations of Albuquerque can avoid a lot of that mess for a few reasons:

  • Local fabrication – your new countertop overlays are manufactured here in Albuquerque, so you don’t have to worry about shipping delays affecting your job
  • Non-demolition process – their unique process of using counter overlays sit right over your existing counters.  This means no demolition to bring magic to your new kitchen or bath
  • Online visualizer – this fully interactive tour gives the homeowner the opportunity to “test drive” their new kitchen in a virtual environment before committing to the job.  This way, your designer can have a head’s up on what you’re dreaming of before any measurements are taken.  

The process is easy:  Head over to or dial #250 and say “transform” for details on getting started.