Serna Solutions offers behavioral health services and is specialized in helping people overcome addictions. They have an innovative program that focuses on providing support to families that have a loved one battling addiction. Owner and CEO Brian Serna stopped by to discuss this unique program.

Serna points out that many families have been impacted by addiction. “You can’t really understate how common it is. I would say that basically every family has been touched by addiction,” he stated. He added that families often react the wrong way and make mistakes when facing the issue of addiction. “The mistakes fall into two different categories. Families first go into a stage of denial […] Another mistake is family members will do nothing,” he said.

According to Serna, the program Serna Solutions offers is the only one of its kind and was developed at UNM. “It’s the only evidence-based program so it’s the only program that works,” he said.

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