“So far, I am ecstatic with them.” Those are homeowner, Pam Herron’s, easy and exact words. 

After trying several different things to make her patio a better place to be, Herron finally found Rubber Stone. They are a company that uses a rubber overly that’s designed to enhance the look of your home or business while remaining resilient, durable, and flexible.

“We’ve done quite a bit. Almost $7,000 worth of trying to get this patio to look nice. And what finally got to me was that my grandson slipped on it while we were blowing bubbles and I said, you know, this is it. I’m done,” explains Herron when asked why she chose to give Rubber Stone a call.

“We specialize in covering any solid surfaces. So, pool decks, patios, driveways. We put half an inch of rubber down and we can seal basically any failing concrete, things of that nature”, says Michael Cordova, a design specialist with Rubber Stone.

There were several things that drew Herron to Rubber Stone’s product.

“They were recycling tires from Canada and I lived in Canada for a couple of years so I said well this works great, I love recycling,” says Herron, “and I was guaranteed that you wouldn’t slip and I said that’s what I need.”

“Traditionally, I’ll talk to people who have a pool deck or patio that’s concrete basically, it’s very slippery when it’s wet. What’s nice about what we do is when we install our product on the surface, it’s a non-slip surface. It’s incredibly durable. So, when you’re looking at pools, you know, kids are always in pools and they’re running. Half of the time they’re going to fall, right? So it’s nice if you’re going to fall on something better to fall on rubber than concrete,” Cordova says.

Rubber Stone offers 30 different colors to choose from so you can pick the design that perfectly fits your space.

“The colors, we could pick the colors, we could do what we need. Instead of somebody saying ‘Oh you’re going to do checkerboard’ or ‘you’re going to do a finger thing, you know, finger painting’,” says Herron.

“Compared to traditional concrete pool deck surfaces, we’re actually 30 to 40 degrees cooler. So, in the hot sun, Arizona where it’s 110 degrees and we’re installing all summer long, people can enjoy their pool decks. Out here, same thing basically, you can walk on it with your bare feet,” Cordova says.

While Herron was working with Rubber Stone, she says they always made her project feel like a priority.

“One of the things that I do like is that somebody lets me ask 50,000 questions. He didn’t rush me through it. He didn’t say ‘Hurry up and make a decision’. They answered quickly on the emails or called me,” Herron tells us.

“So, it’s really more of a personal experience. It’s not a 10-minute meeting. We’re talking a couple of hours maybe to get this done right for them and make sure they are comfortable with it and that we have reviewed everything and they know exactly where we’re going,” Cordova says.

Herron also had this to say about the work being done.

“These guys that are working on it are amazing. They’ve been very kind and very thoughtful and hard-working, really hard workers,” Herron says, ” and so it was just a no-brainer to go with him.”

All in all, Herron says she would absolutely recommend Rubber Stone to anyone looking to redo their space.

“I’m going to have this for the rest of my life. I mean, and I’m getting older, it’s just a guarantee that it looks nice, I can put a good patio on it, I don’t have to worry about it anymore,” Herron says, “Would I recommend them, right now, yes, so far so good.”

Right now, Rubber Stone is offering $300 off your service.

You can contact Rubber Stone at (505)-587-1084.