Beauty and function coming together. That’s what you get with Rubber Stone. A product designed to enhance the look and safety of your home or business. All while remaining resilient, durable, flexible, and versatile. It’s made out of the highest quality recycled and EPDM rubber.

Rubber stone is specially made for your business or home. This can be put in your front or back patio, in your pool deck, your garage floor any walkway they can put it anywhere. A typical install takes one to two days max and the cool thing about it is there’s no mess or demo so you don’t need to leave your house. This product is also very safe installing it around the pool can make it safer when people go in and out. And if you were to fall you fall on rubber. And with the temperature getting hot during the summer you are able to walk on it bare feet.

It’s easy setting up a consultation and getting a quote on price. They send a designer who brings all the designs to your home and you get to pick any colors that best match your style. Then they set an install date that works for you.

They are currently running a special $300 off when you call them to install, 505-207-4424. For any additional information visit