If you’ve been considering the purchase of a new car, the month of August could be the right time to do that.

“There’s not a better time to get a better deal than during our anniversary event, ” says Darin Wade, the general manager and president of Rich Ford, “Rich Ford Edgewood came into existence 24 years ago. The town of Edgewood was incorporated, and we were the first business that was incorporated right after them.”

Rich Ford Edgewood is the last Ford dealership between Edgewood and the Texas state line making them a busy dealership, servicing citizens of Edgewood and the surrounding communities.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is we’ve really got a good commitment to the customers and our anniversary sale basically encapsulates all of those ideas as well as the sales we have for the cars, parts, and service,” says Wade.

Wade says the dealership’s ground stock is up to pre-covid numbers.

“We’ve got a great selection this year and so with all of these limited edition anniversary edition vehicles, all of the New Mexicans out there will have more of a choice than they’ve had in probably the last four years,” Wade says.

But if you’re not in the market for a brand new car, Ford has their Blue Advantage program which is a special certification program specific to Ford for used and pre-owned vehicles.

“With the Blue Advantage program, we are able to certify these vehicles. The warranty that comes with it is actually better than the manufactures warranty and in a lot of these cases, we can actually certify non-Fords. We can certify BMWs, we can certify Mercedes, we can certify Volkswagen and Toyota. The Blue Advantage Program is a total win for the customers that are out there,” Wade explains.

So, in honor of Rich Ford Edgewood’s 24th anniversary, they are having a month-long celebration with something happening every weekend. Those events include Hall of Fame UFC Fighter, Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, signing autographs at the dealership; car clubs stopping by, a local monster truck making an appearance, and even free hot dogs being given out.

Rich Ford Edgewood is also doing giveaways throughout the month of August. 

“You can register to win a bass boat, a Bass Tracker bass boat, from our friends at Rocky Mountain RV. All you need to do it just walk in, you just fill out a little piece of paper, no purchase necessary, drop it in the bucket and at the end of the month we’re going to pull out one of those registrations and someone is going to win that bass boat,” said Wade.

Rich Ford Edgewood is also giving away a 4-pack of tickets to a New Mexico United game for any school supply donations that are made at the Edgewood dealership. Those supply donations will benefit the eastern mountain school system.

“We believe that we understand that our true purpose is to satisfy the customer,” says Wade, “we are the car dealer that we want you to be able to go to and feel comfortable doing it. That’s why this anniversary sale is so important to us, because it’s another way for us to give those cars, parts and service, things that customers are looking for in the best possible way that we can.”

Rich Ford Edgewood’s 24th-anniversary sale is running the entire month of August.

They are located at 19 Plaza Loop in Edgewood, right off I-25E.