Now there is a way that people who live with Type 2 Diabetes can get help to reverse it. Dr. Wander with The Functional Medicine Institute has been helping patients reverse Type 2 Diabetes since 1999. Those living with Type 2 Diabetes or know someone who does can understand the demand and toll that the disease can have. It affects not only the body but overall quality of life luckily there could be a way to reverse that.

Dr. Wander explained that he decided to get into medicine due to an outing with his grandma when he was about 12 years old, they went out for lunch and she took out about 12 pills. He was confused and asked her what were all those pills for. She explained how one helped one thing but damage another thing and so on. Dr. Wander saw her health deteriorate after that outing, even got her foot amputated and about three months after that lunch she was gone.

People often think that Type 2 Diabetes is genetic, if some family members have it others follow but this is not the case. There is no genetic component in Type 2 Diabetes. Dr. Wander states one method to reverse Type 2 Diabetes is to test the patient and see why they can’t regulate their blood sugar. Rather than just providing medicine. Dr. Wander also said, a good candidate to reverse Type 2 Diabetes is an individual who chooses to put their health as their number one priority. He said now that we are approaching the holiday season people really do think about the importance of quality time with family.

Dr. Wander is an international best-selling author, his latest release, “Reverse Your Diabetes, Change Your Life.” To learn more about ‘Type 2 Diabetes Reversal’ visit Dr. Wander’s website.