ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Congratulations to finalist, Linda Strasburg. She has been nominated for the 2022 Remarkable Women contest.

The thought of raising her four children without being able to provide meals for them is a devastating thought to Linda Strasburg. “I simply do not believe that any child should go hungry,” said Strasburg. She has dedicated every Thursday morning to Commanche Elementary as a retired educator but not to teach, she is providing meals to students in need of food on the weekends. Strasburg and a small army of educators work to provide donated food for young children, it is a mission she has grown up with.

In many forms, her life has been about giving back to the community starting within the Albuquerque Public School system for many years. She saw firsthand that there was a need in the community and as her children grew, Strasburg and her husband saw an opportunity to turn their home into a place where they can serve others.

Linda Strasburg also spent two years as the South-Central Vice President of St. Vincent de Paul and the Chair of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe St. Vincent de Paul Council. Where she would help individuals who are struggling financially to help them find homes, she would oversee operations in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Her hard work has been eye-opening to those who have used these services.

With all her hard work comes a joyful hobby. “My joy is sitting at my sewing machine and embroidering those pillows,” said Strasburg. These pillows are used by the Tiny Home’s Village where her pillows and other gifts are given to those who are living there, she is providing care to people who are complete strangers.

Many people around New Mexico have been touched by all of her work, some don’t even know it. “I gave back for all of the many blessings I received through my life” said Strasburg.