“It’s for the people. It’s simple and it’s approachable.” That’s how our conversation with Andrew Kalemba starts. He’s the owner of Public House in Nob Hill; a special spot pouring up community alongside a great glass of New Mexican wine.

“Our group who runs High & Dry Brewing, this is one of our taprooms, but we wanted to create a little, kinda cool, really approachable space here in Nob Hill but feature New Mexico wines,” Kalemba says.

But wine is not the only thing on their menu. Public House is also crafting some really unique cocktails including a kombucha sour. “This is a vodka, lemon-based drink and this features the hibiscus lavender kombucha from New Mexico Ferments. Real simple, refreshing and it’s fun to look at,” says Kalemba.

The other special sip they have uses Vara’s line-up of Vermut. “So, the other thing we have here and that we have displayed here are the Vermut sections that Vara makes and that’s something we’re really proud of that we’re serving here,” says Kalemba, “This one that we have here is the sweet and secco, where we mix two of those and do a little spritz. I think it’s pretty unique to what we have here.”

Aside from having a carefully curated line-up of libations, it was important to Kalemba that the environment felt comfortable and approachable. “The space that we’re at is called Public House. It looks like one of the houses on the street so, it kinda feels like you’re hanging out at home on the porch in the neighborhood and just really experiencing the atmosphere of what we have here in Nob Hill,” says Kalemba.

Kalemba hopes that everyone will come out and experience what he is calling the ‘renaissance’ that’s happening in Nob Hill. “This should be where you hang out. You can get coffee, you can get drinks, you can get food. This is the house on the street that you know you can go in and hang out..like ‘hey, let’s go hang out at Public House’, it’s something they know and it’s on their quick list,” says Kalemba.

On October 28, Public House is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a big party featuring local live music, with some snacks and tastings from Vara and Sheehan wineries. They are encouraging the community to come and celebrate with them.

Public House is located at 201 Hermosa Dr. NE near the intersection of Central and Carlisle.

Their hours of operation are:

  • Sunday: 11AM-10PM
  • Mondy: 4PM-9PM
  • Tuesday: 2PM-10PM
  • Wednesday: 2PM-10PM
  • Thursday: 2PM-10PM
  • Friday: 11AM-10PM
  • Saturday: 11AM-10PM