Your friends, your neighbors and businesses throughout the state have discovered how easy and beneficial it is to go solar. The professionals at Poulin Solar Pro say there are a variety of reasons for the spike in customers making the switch.

First is the cost.  While up-front pricing may make it seem expensive, over time the investment pays for itself. Clients will often see their utility costs move from a check to PNM into their solar purchase, turning that monthly bill into an investment on your home.  

There is also the major push to reduce your carbon footprint. With nearly 300 days of sunshine in New Mexico, residents have an advantage to capitalize on solar power. Poulin Solar Pro also offers battery backups for your system on cloudy days and when power outages occur.

Finally, financial incentives are better than ever.  Recent tax credits offer 30% back to consumers and with additional rebates from manufacturers, there’s never been a better time to go solar.  

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