Start your journey to a happier, healthier you. At points for health, they work to ensure their clients return to a healthy state while maintaining a healthy body. They do this through a variety of holistic practices. From acupuncture and micro-needling to cupping, Kinesio taping, and more.

Their goal is to help each patient become the healthiest version of themselves and to enjoy the best life. Dr. Julie Wood, with Points of Health, explained that she asks people to give her five sessions, because that’s when she saw people start noticing a difference.

The needles are so thin in the micro-needling process that it does not hurt. This approach has been around for thousands of years and now more people are trying it out. This process just tells your body that you want to not only look but feel younger, and your body responds to that.

If you would like to visit Points for Health they are located at 3949 Corrales Rd. Ste 180, NM 87048, 505-333-9897.