Pizza Hut has added a new way to enjoy its delicious pizza. Pizza Hut ‘Melts’ is a hand-held on-the-go single-serve pizza. It’s crispy on the outside and loaded with toppings on the inside. It targets the individual eating occasion, with no sharing necessary.

Pizza Hut has been making delicious pizzas since 1958. They take their signature Thin N’ Crispy crust, load it with toppings and cheese, fold it over, bake it too melty perfection, then sprinkle it with a parmesan and oregano blend. Each Melts order comes with two pieces, plus a dipping sauce.

They are now available at all the Pizza Hut in town. You have options to choose from Meat Lover’s, Pepperoni Lover’s, Chicken Bacon Parmesan, or Buffalo Chicken, each with its own dip. If you’re ready to try Pizza Hut ‘Melts’, you can order online or in stores.