Garcia Subaru Pet Pics segment highlights New Mexico Living viewer’s pets.

Today we have Uma. Uma is a Cornish Rex cat who was adopted by Carol Sherwood in 2021. Uma’s name means an unknown object in Hawaiian, according to her pet parent. Carol says Uma has a great personality and she is always strutting her still like a true model. She also said that Uma is always ready for Halloween because it is her favorite holiday.

Next up is Mela. Mela belongs to Michael Jaramillo who says that she is just an absolute sweetie pie. He says that Mela is practically a clone of her brother Milo, which she does everything with. According to Michael, for the most part, she is loving and Mela’s only enemies are the blow dryer and fireworks.

Send us pictures of your pets for our Garcia Subaru Pet Pics segment! New Mexico Living shares a photo during our broadcast of local pets.


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