Garcia Subaru Pet Pics segment highlights New Mexico Living viewer’s pets.

First, we have Panini who belongs to Andrea Cruz. She says Panini loves to spend time outdoors. She enjoys chasing lizards and squirrels. According to Andrea when Panini is being a good girl she will dance for a treat and if she is lucky she can visit her dog friends. Andrea says that she is lucky to have a dog that is so loving and has a great personality.

Next, we have Mickey. Mickey is a 5-year-old dog who belongs to Destiny Montoya. Destiny says Mickey loves to play with tennis balls but his true love is shopping. She also says that Mickey is spoiled but it is okay because he is a great dog who shows a lot of love.

Finally, we have Leona. Leona is a Mini-Australian Shepard who belongs to Rodney Rector. Rodney says that Leona is a great support dog. When she is not helping her owner, she is full of energy and loves to pick on her pet siblings. Leona is also the guardian of the house and her reward for being such a good dog is to get her favorite treat, vegetables.

Send us pictures of your pets for our Garcia Subaru Pet Pics segment! New Mexico Living shares a photo during our broadcast of local pets.


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