Garcia Subaru Pet Pics segment highlights New Mexico Living viewer’s pets.

Up first we have a duo. Link and Tibzy, Link in a 1-year-old Aussie Mix and Tibzy is a 14-year-old Chihuahua Mix. They are owned by Brittany Satterfield who says that the two love each other very much and are a joy to own.

Next, we have another duo. Gizmo and Chiquita are owned by Antonette Mondragon, Gizmo is a Pomeranian and Chiquita is a Terrier Chihuahua Mix. Antonette says that Gizmo is full of energy and loves to run, play outside and swim in the pool. She also says that Chiquita is a very quiet dog and both are very loving and enjoy their favorite snacks, fries from McDonalds.

Send us pictures of your pets for our Garcia Subaru Pet Pics segment! New Mexico Living shares a photo during our broadcast of local pets.


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