The New Mexico Rail Runner Express has added new services to get on board. New Mexico Rail Runner is a commuter rail system that runs through the heart of central New Mexico.

They have lowered their fairs, and now until the end of the year, they are 75% off. For example, a $10-day pass will cost $2.50. Bringing down the prices was due to the rise in gas prices.

Before COVID, the Rail Runner was based on a 9-5 commuter schedule, but what they quickly learned is that the commuter has changed. Some people work from home; others go in at different times.

“One thing that we always say is that New Mexico is not an area where it’s so congested riding the train, so we want people to want to ride the train,” said Agusta Meyers, communications manager, for New Mexico Rail Runner.

A very popular promotion that the Rail Runner is offering right now is that seniors ride free on Wednesdays. They also reduce the age from 62 to 60 to qualify for senior rides. For more information, visit