The American Heart Association is a leading source of health information that works day in and day out to ensure we see a world full of healthier and longer lives. National wear red day being celebrated, on Feb. 3, highlighting CPR awareness.

The theme for 2023 year is ‘be the beat’ and they want to challenge all family members to have at least one family member that can be trained to perform CPR. Its been proven that CPR buys time until professionals come in and do the life-saving techniques.

It’s essential to check in and make sure you have those talks with your doctor about your heart’s health. Those conversations help you prevent heart disease. If you are having symptoms you can always check online and help get them better.

There will be a luncheon on Feb.22 at Hotel Albuquerque, to purchase a ticket you can visit If you would like to get CPR certification you can look for classes at