You know M’tucci’s for their classic Italian cuisine. Each dish and each drink is hand-crafted to perfection, making for the most memorable dining experience. M’tucci’s is now rolling out more for their guests to enjoy with “zero-proof cocktails.”

There’s a trend in the industry as an alternative to not having alcohol. There are many reasons like age, some people are driving and want to be responsible and others just want to have a tasty cocktail without the taste of alcohol. Whatever the reason might be M’tucci’s wants its customers to have those options if needed.

All of the products that they are using are ‘NA spirits’ which can be purchased at Total Wine.

Zero-Proof Cocktails: ‘The Spice of Life :

  • Simple syrup
  • Lime juice
  • Tamarindo (flavor)
  • NA spirits

All M’tuccis locations offer zero-proof cocktails.