M’tucci’s restaurants are best known for their mouth-watering Italian cuisine, but on top of their usuals, the business is whipping up some delectable holiday pies. Alongside the pies, M’tucci’s is offering a special on their pumpkin latte spice gelato and vanilla with salted caramel swirl gelato.

Pie offerings at M’tucci’s include their Black Bottom Pie – made of a cookie crust, chocolate pudding, rum-vanilla mousse, whipped cream, and chocolate pearls – their Bourbon Pecan Pie, and their Pumpkin Pie, which is topped with pumpkin seed brittle.

The restaurant’s Black Bottom Pie is limited to 30 for sale at each M’tucci’s location; the other two pies will be on sale until November 19. All of the pies are $19 and must be ordered ahead of Thanksgiving via phone call. To learn more about M’tucci’s or to order dessert, click here.