M’tucci’s restaurant is known for capturing the essence of Italy in its beautifully crafted food. Spiegel-Kinsley construction is known for its sustainable approach to luxury living. These two companies are now partnering up for a different kind of project.

Spiegel-Kinsley Construction is a new homebuilding development in Placitas NM. “A Sustainable Approach to Luxury living,” said Evan Kinsley president/partner Spiegel-Kinsley Construction. The way they design these new homes is not traditional they focused on insulated panels, well construction for exterior as well as interior, higher windows, and air tightness while working with a sustainable approach. Every window in the house has beautiful views of the Sandias.

And if you’re asking yourself what does all this have to do with M’tucci’s? Jeff Spiegel is one of the owners of M’tucci’s, and the same philosophy that he brought to the restaurants he brings to construction now. He made sure to be very intentional about its sourcing which leads to good quality food and good quality homes. Kinsley has worked with Spiegel helping him build the first two restaurants, and this is a new endeavor between the two of them. The house feature in today’s show is currently for sale and they have another nine in the works. For more information visit their website or find them on Facebook and Instagram.