Medicare Appeals Consultant Specialists (MACS) work to help Medicare providers and suppliers get paid for their Medicare claims. Often Medicare providers opt out of medicare due to its complex system of administrative pricing, which in turn, is cutting physician reimbursement while forcing doctors to comply with difficult rules and regulations.

This company helps support individuals, doctors, suppliers and even hospitals due to the recent bills that have passed in the legislative session. According to Jessie Myrehn, Attorney in recent sessions, they have continued to lower the money they were giving doctors to care for Medicare patients. Leaving doctors unable to afford to provide care and leaving them with a large amount of paperwork. This led to the loss of a large number of doctors who helped patients on Medicare.

MACS goal is to show and provide doctors with help on how to document their files, present cases and even how represent their claims in court. For more information, the Medicare Appeals Consultant Specialists at