Staying prepared, Martone Law Firm knows the importance of planning considerations can be. If you didn’t know women are often known as the initiators within estate planning processes.

In 1987 congress passed a law recognizing March as Women’s History Month as a time to honor the contributions and achievements of women throughout American History.

Feliz Martone, Attorney at Law and Owner of Martone Law Firm is a woman in business who recognizes the concerns that women have, which as she explains may differ from their male family members. Many women are caregivers for minor children, adult children with special needs or aging parents. This brings up the thought of what type of planning should this important member consider to ensure their loved ones are cared for when they are no longer able to care for them. Martone explains that there are ways to put these legal documents in place, in order to protect them and the people who they care for.

Women who own a business should also include this within an estate plan as part of their business plan to offer additional protection.

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