The Martone Law Firm specializes in helping people protect and plan for their future. They assist individuals with obtaining social security disability benefits and making life plans to protect themselves and their loved ones with estate planning. The Law Firm is now partnering with a local wealth advisory firm to help you with smart wealth planning.

Feliz Martone, attorney and owner of The Martone Law Firm, explained that she talks to her clients and builds a bond by having those hard conversations and making sure they are prepared for the future. Kelley Tredwin, the financial advisor at Altalune Wealth Advisors, says that many things keep their clients up at night, like taxes, especially at the end of the year. What happens to their wealth if both need to go into an assistant home? For example, a will can protect you when you die, but it will not protect you when you’re alive.

Although this is a hard topic to talk about, they make sure that they talk to their clients often and regularly because it helps build trust.