Gambling can be a fun activity for adults but sometimes it can get carried away. That is why the Responsible Gambling Association of New Mexico (RGANM) has been collaborating with 14 of New Mexico’s Native American-owned casinos.

The association was formed before the first casino ever opened and works to promote responsible gaming for all. During March also known as National Problem Gambling Awareness Month, RGANM is working to make sure everyone is aware of their resources. All help that comes from the Responsible Gaming Association of New Mexico is free to anyone in need. Shannon Dictson from RGANM says there are two important questions to ask ourselves if we feel like we are facing problem gambling. One, do you ever lie about gambling and two, have you ever borrowed money to finance your gambling?

They also offer training to employees among casinos around the state. In addition to all of these resources, the RGANM will be hosting its annual conference on August 10 and 11. The event will be hosted at Buffalo Thunder casino to discuss different topics, resources and more regarding gambling and addiction. Tickets are $65 to attend. To learn more, visit