Ensuring the coverage of health and wellness is an important step to take. The annual enrollment for Medicare is opening soon, and there is some important information to consider when signing up. The New Mexico Retirement Answer Team, ‘Loreen and Lane,’ is there to help with all of the Medicare and retirement questions.

This year, New Mexicans will lose a Medicare Advantage plan. Molina and Amerigroup are leaving the state, and the only way community members can get their coverage changed is by speaking to an agent. Also coming with that change are plan reductions from Humana and Cigna.

All of that market disruption makes it even more important to speak to an agent. Using each individual’s information – from medications to doctors and personal needs – an agent with Loreen and Lane will help craft a plan that best fits each customer.

To learn more about Loreen and Lane’s offerings, visit the website at this link or call (505) 750-7024.