The boutique trend has taken off recently, particularly in bigger cities. Now a new, minority-woman-owned boutique is open for business in the Albuquerque Uptown area. The owner and operator of Groove Boutique, Leticia Leyba, joined New Mexico Living to share what people can expect from her boutique.

Leyba shared how her boutique caters to women who are over 30 years old that are looking for cute unique pieces to add to their wardrobes. She believes that everyone should feel beautiful in their own body and clothing can help people with that. Leyba has traveled a lot and those experiences have allowed her to have a love and a special taste in fashion. Many people will always ask her ‘if they could borrow her clothes,’ Leyba explained. Now she created a boutique where many can come shop and be able to also wear unique pieces of clothing.

Groove Boutique is now open Tuesday – Sundays and closed on Mondays you can also find them on Instagram.