Creating art that showcases Albuquerque is more than green chile or hot air balloons. Jordan Caldwell is a local artist from Duke City who creates an expressive realism aesthetic in his art.
He does this by romanticizing the mundane world by emphasizing saturated colors, thick liquid-like textures, and realistic lighting.

Caldwell has always had a relationship with art, as a kid he was always drawing and when going into middle school and high school he begin taking art classes. His art really took off in High School, and after that, he receive a full-ride scholarship to the South West University of Visual Art. After he begins working with the city to make public art. Caldwell explains how he gets inspired by Edward Hopper and the way he captures the world around him in his time. Caldwell gets inspired by the beauty of the world we lived in. He shares that he likes to create an “expensive realism aesthetic in his art.” Those who are interested can purchase Jordan’s artwork by visiting