Perikin Enterprises LLC provides innovative engineering solutions, exceptional professional services, and excellence in construction management. They have collaborated with Sandia National Laboratory on many important technological developments and have become a leading force in supporting the federal government.

Perikin Enterprises CEO Frank Garcia talked about his journey and the company’s groundbreaking work they have been doing. Garcia was in San Francisco after graduating college. “I wanted to start a business and work for myself. I had an opportunity to move back home to El Paso.” He later moved to New Mexico and has been here for the last 10 years.

Right now he’s working on making a global professional services firm a reality. Garcia also gave some advice to people starting in the business realm. “Be professional, be respectful, have great manners, take care of your people, surround yourself with good people and work hard,” said Garcia.

Lastly, he talked about the US Small Business Federal Contractors Association. “We conceived of that a few years ago. Really, I want to help others replicate the success that I’ve had. We are going to advocate, educate, train, mentor, and provide networking opportunities for business owners,” said Garcia.