They are here with a new look but still the same trusted company. Since 1958, Kirtland Credit Union has been working to improve members’ economic well-being and quality of life. They have 49,000 members and are ready to launch its new branding and partnership.

Matt Rarden President and CEO explained as they have grown it was important to display its core values and mission to its members and the community that they serve. If you did not know, working with a credit union has benefits that banks don’t. Rather than being considered a customer, individuals are known as members. They are committed to building relationships with their members to help them meet their financial goals.

Kirtland Credit Union has recently started a partnership with Balloon Fiesta to be more involved within the community. They will be there to educate attendees about credit unions, what they provide, and more. To learn more about Kirtland Credit Union, visit