Through its comprehensive banking services, expert guidance, competitive rates, and more, Kirtland Credit Union is one of the largest and most successful credit unions in the Albuquerque area. The local credit union was founded in 1958 and now serves over 50,000 members.

Matt Rarden, the president and CEO of Kirtland Credit Union, says, “We help people with their financial lives. We help them live more confidently. More securely. We help secure their financial freedom, and when we do that, just as people, when we’re more stable in our financial lives, we just feel more confident in general.”

The local credit union focuses on the “why” behind its business. “It’s not about banking; it’s about belonging,” says Kirtland Credit Union. The company’s focus is on working with its members to build relationships and add value to each of the credit union’s interactions.

Kirtland’s value system, mission, and vision allow the credit union to execute its “how.” The company works to reflect the diversity in the community, act in a socially responsible manner, and exceed the expectations of its members.

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