The New England journal of medicine shared a study that found that adults’ average holiday weight gain is just under a pound. It doesn’t sound like much unless you gain that extra pound year after year, not to mention if you or a loved one has diabetes concerns.

This morning medical doctor Harkesh Arora talked more about holiday weight gain and what we can do to keep those unwanted pounds off while enjoying all the tasty food the holidays bring.

A study made that people usually gain about five pounds during the holidays, and the problem is not gaining it, but if people don’t lose those pounds the following seasons’ spring/summer, then it becomes a problem. Dr. Arora suggests keeping our health a priority this holiday season.

Ways to control your weight in control this year:

  • Eat all your three meals, don’t skip them
  • Try to steam or grill your food instead of fried
  • Don’t eat too many sugary foods
  • Keep yourself hydrated, at least 64 oz
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Exercise stabilizes your sugars