The New Mexico State Fair kicks off tomorrow, and Laura Riley, Junior Livestock superintendent, talked about how excited they are that the Junior Livestock is back in person this year. Having the Livestock in person is crucial because it allows the FFA and 4H members to show what they have been working on.

This experience allows kids to take on the responsibility to care for something other than themselves. They showcase the animal that they have fed and taken care of. This also allows them to know their animal well enough that they can talk about and explain them to the audience that comes and watches their animal exhibitions.

The 4H and FFA teaches kids how to be responsible at a young age for something other than themselves and that produces very responsible adults. “A generation that could possibly be feeding us in the future”, said Riley. These types of programs can allow kids to develop skills that can help them throughout their whole life, and some winners save their earnings and put them towards college.

Livestock starts Sunday, September 11, and runs through Thursday, September 15. Sunday will show goats, Monday will show pigs, Tuesday will show sheep, Wednesday and Thursday will have the cattle shows and then Friday will be the Sale. For more information visit their website. To purchase tickets click here.