ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – On this Food Truck Friday, we’re focusing on food that’s healthy yet delicious. Whether you’re a student wanting a quick and nourishing meal between classes or just a local seeking a healthy option, Juicy J’s could be what you’re looking for.

Owner Jacob Chavez says he started his business after he graduated college. “[My dad] actually bought me the truck as my graduation gift and I was working as a teacher at Bosque School and driving for GrubHub and, basically, used all that money to build out the truck to what it is today,” Chavez says.

It was a two-year process and now as of February, Juicy J’s even has a cafe open at 800 Bradbury Dr. SE across from CNM Main Campus. More information on Juicy J’s can be found on their website.