“Originally, federal marshals brought me to Joy Junction’s doorstep,” says Robin Mosco.  He’s the transportation manager for the non-profit organization.  However, his current role is a far cry from where he was in September 1998.

After being arrested for human smuggling in Yuma, Arizona, Mosco was transported to the Cibola County Correctional Facility.  A clerical error brought him to Albuquerque.  A phone call at 2:30 in the morning to Joy Junction changed his life forever.  

Mosco has been in and out of the program four times since then.  Like many who first come to Joy Junction, he struggled to stay the course of the program. 

“I had it in my head, I had to go back to San Diego,” says Mosco, “which had lots of bad things waiting for me.”

What was waiting for him was more human smuggling over the Mexico-U.S. border, an apartment in Tijuana, and a life of crime that could have resulted in death.  

Thankfully, he stayed.  He worked through the Christ in Power program, a nine-month ministry that is the bedrock of Joy Junction.  He met his wife, had children, and found a meaningful career as a transportation manager.  

“I’m finally at 64 living right and living good and really prospering.  It’s really awesome. Marriage, kids, work, finances, everything is good… and it’s because of the program.”