Jeremiah Glauser is a full-time singer/songwriter based out of Taos, New Mexico. Glauser’s music can be described as country with a touch of Americana.

Glauser says his love for music started at a young age. First, his mother was a country singer who married a country music guitar player. They played at old country bars while he was growing up.

The Taos singer is also a one-man band. “It’s been a lot, but rewarding. It’s so hard to find a manager, especially as a solo musician. I love working regionally. It’s a lot of pounding the pavement.”

Jeremiah Glauser can be found at the following locations this month:

  • 10/20 Marble Brewery Westide Albuquerque 7-9pm
  • 10/21  Marble Brewery Heights  7-9pm 
  • 10/22 Sabroso Arroyo Seco 6-9pm
  • 10/23 Historic Taos Inn 6-9pm
  • 10/27 El Monte Sagrado 6-8pm
  • 10/29 Sabroso Arroyo Seco 6-9pm
  • 10/30 Noisy Water Winery 3-5pm 
  • 10/30 Historic Taos Inn 6-9pm

To learn more about Jeremiah Glauser, click here.