Jacques Dorier is an artist with a background that touches on many talents. The French-born singer and songwriter uses his European upbringing to influence his musical style. In addition to his musical performances, Dorier is also a sculptor, an art bookmaker, and a clothing and hat designer.

As a musician, Dorier has a love for acoustic string instruments. In his songwriting, the musician integrates harmonies and rhythms from the New World while adding a touch of folk and bluegrass.

Dorier took time to study the Japanese art of Washi Paper Dollmaking; this led him to begin sculpting his own characters and dressing them in Washi paper. The artist has even created his own technique, allowing him to stiffen the folds of the paper and add more flow to his sculptures.

Dorier has also spent time in bookmaking. The intricate, handmade pieces have interactive pages, pockets, and more. Dorier has eight of his books in the New Mexico State Fair this year – most of which have won awards.

In addition to his many other talents, Dorier is also a clothing and hat designer. The artist picked up this skill while working in the theater and circus industries. To learn more about Dorier’s work as an artist, visit his website at this link.