Every year, millions of Americans are affected by seasonal affective disorder a type of depression that comes after the holidays. Serna Solutions a local company with offices in Albuquerque and Santa Fe offers programs for mental health and wellness, as well as substance use and addiction.

January and February are the hardest months for most people, and that can be due to different reasons. Some are due to less sunlight which reduces serotonin and could be associated with mood swings. About half a million people in America suffer from seasonal disorders, that number can be even higher as these are just the people who get diagnosed with it.

How can you tell, that you or a loved one is suffering from it? Brian Serna from Serna Solutions explains that people feel a lack of energy, feeling blue, and emotional numbness. People also can get sick more often.

What can people do to prevent depression:

  • Go outside and get natural sunlight even if just a walk
  • Exercise almost every day for about 30 minutes a day
  • Educate yourself about yourself and how you feel as well as your loved ones
  • Get Help if needed

For more information visit sernasolutionsllc.com or call their office at 505-305-4949.