Bert Parnall and his team of experienced personal injury lawyers have helped thousands of accident and violence victims secure proper compensation for their losses. Parnall Law Firm is helping New Mexicans after negligent, reckless, or criminal acts so they can move forward with their lives.

The Parnall Law team is focused on advocating for their clients and aggressively confronting those who have caused harm. One way the firm is making a large impact in the community is through its sponsorship of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

“From my time as a prosecutor, I understood that there has to be advocacy of victims through the criminal system. And then, as our duty as lawyers for those victims, we support the organization that helps support them in the criminal courts,” says Parnall regarding the firm’s sponsorship of MADD.

According to Parnall Law Firm, the rate of hit-and-run collisions in New Mexico is rising significantly, increasing the importance of having uninsured motorist coverage. Rick Anglada, lead detective with the law firm, says the detectives on the team bring investigative experience to Parnall’s legal work.

Parnall explains that the firm’s job is to prove that something wrong happened to its clients. To bring forward evidence to support their case, the firm uses the work of its highly experienced detectives, strengthening their client’s cases in court.

Bert Parnall was born and raised in Albuquerque and wants to continue to support the community through the firm’s work. To learn more about Parnall Law Firm, visit