Farmers and ranchers are an integral part of producing sustainable and nutritious food for New Mexicans. The campaign “New Mexico Agriculture” is working to inform New Mexicans about the positive impact farmers and ranchers have on the community.

Jamie Viramontes is part of a third-generation farmer family; she lives and works in Deming, New Mexico, where she and her husband grow onions, pecans, pumpkins, cotton, and green chile. Most New Mexico farms are family-owned, just like Viramontes’ farm.

Facing uncontrollable factors, such as weather changes and market fluctuations, small family-owned farms rely on larger organizations to give them a voice. The New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau is an organization made up of over 20,000 member families that work for the local food supply industry.

The New Mexico Agriculture campaign is spearheaded by The New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau. The campaign highlights all the work New Mexico farmers are doing to feed the population while conserving natural resources.

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