April 18 is International Day for Monuments and Sites. Historian Raffi Andonian shares his experience and why they are important for people to learn from and visit these sites around New Mexico.

New Mexico is known for a variety of popular historic sites. These include locations like Chaco Canyon, Taos Pueblo and Carlsbad Caverns. Andonian explains the importance of monuments as they are able to do things like, tell stories from around the world.

In Raffi Andonian’s book ‘Remembering the Atomic Bomb‘ he talks about the reason why it’s important to remember this historic event, the importance of keeping and evening viewing monuments like this one. Andonian brings up these four questions which are answered in his book.

  1. Why remember?
  2. What is the history to be remembered?
  3. What does it mean to remember?
  4. How to remember?

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