With Halloween coming up in just a few weeks, Goodwill Industries of New Mexico has all the necessities to put together the perfect costume. Not only does the thrift store have costume essentials but also decor, pet costumes, and more.

“You can go a lot of places and find a packaged costume and look like a lot of other folks for the holiday, or you can come someplace like Goodwill, and you can really bring your ideas, bring your imagination, and search through the store. You will be able to create the most interesting and unique look you’ve ever seen,” says Goodwill’s chief operations officer, Frank Holland.

Not only does Goodwill have the essentials to craft unique looks, but those costumes will also come at a much cheaper price than ones bought new from other stores. Goodwill is also hosting a $25 gift card giveaway on its social media platforms; the Facebook giveaway can be accessed at this link, and the Instagram giveaway can be accessed at this link.

Goodwill even offers online shopping; shopgoodwill.com and goodwillfinds.com both offer online selections of Goodwill products. To find a Goodwill nearby for in-store shopping, check out Goodwill’s full list of New Mexico locations at this link.