This week is ‘fire prevention awareness week’ so, whether it’s wildfires that are spreading quicker nowadays or home fires that can spark in an instant having a plan and being prepared is key to ensuring your safety.

People usually don’t think a fire could happen to them, but it’s always important to have knowledge in case a fire does happen people can be prepared and save their lives. Fire expert Steve Kerber shares what people can expect when watching the ‘Underwriters Laboratories’ fire video. “So the biggest thing we need people to do is we need you to have an escape plan. You need to have plans a, b, and c,” said Steve Kerber, Fire Safety Expert.

Other safety tips people can do when a fire breaks out at home:

  • SAFETY FIRST AT HOME — Smoke alarms properly installed provides the earliest warning so you can get out quickly & safely
  • CLOSE BEFORE YOU DOZE — Why a closed door can make a 900- degree difference and provide critical time for surviving a fire.
  • BE PREPARED — Create & practice a Fire Escape Plan

For more information and safety tips visit their website.