An annular eclipse is going to pass right over Albuquerque during this year’s Balloon Fiesta. This type of eclipse doesn’t completely cover the sun, so those who want to watch it directly need to make sure to wear safe and protective eyewear.

KRQE News 13’s Monica Wicke, spoke with Roger Sarkis, the owner of Eclipse Glasses USA, to find out which eyewear can maximize the eclipse viewing experience while keeping viewers safe. Sarkis explains that Albuquerque is in the eclipse’s path, meaning anyone in the area can get a chance to see a “ring of fire” effect when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth on October 14.

As the eclipse is a rare occurrence, viewers won’t want to miss the opportunity to see it. However, since the eclipse is not a total eclipse, and the sun will still be partially visible, viewers must wear protective eyewear.

Eclipse Glasses USA are ISO certified, meaning they meet the highest safety regulations, allowing eclipse viewers to look directly at the sun without harming their eyes. “You gotta wear them,” says Sarkis. “Don’t think that you can go out there and view it without these glasses. Don’t buy fake ones; there are a number of fake ones that are on the market right now.” Sarkis emphasizes the importance of eclipse glasses having an ISO certification for safety.

As educators, Sarkis and his wife implemented the glasses with education in mind. Eclipse Glasses USA focuses on schools and non-profits, making sure that young kids get to view the eclipse since it will be a long time before the next one.

Alongside the glasses, Eclipse Glasses USA has a variety of educational materials on its website. For New Mexico Living viewers, the company is offering 10% off glasses on their site with the code “NM10” at checkout. To purchase glasses, visit