Working to revolutionize body care for all. Drenchbar was founded in New Mexico and inspired by the state’s arid climate. They are a new brand on a mission to give people and the planet a better way to moisturize.

Owner, Leah Smolensky explains that she never liked lotion and forgot to use it often. When moving to New Mexico she noticed her sky was beyond dry and could not find a product to fit. So, she made her own.

These drenchbars are the first known lotion that comes in a solid bar form. The bar is made to use after the shower when the skin is damp.

Each bar saves a glass of drinking water, has 94% less plastic than a traditional bottle of lotion, offers 4x concentrated coverage and for each bar sold 1% of all sales to

To find a bar you can visit, They are also offering viewers a discount, if you use the code “NMLiving” you will get 10% off your purchase and they offer free shipping on orders over $40.