The United Way of North Central New Mexico is always working toward helping those they serve. Designed with community betterment in mind, United Way and the Albuquerque Community Foundation have established “DEI United.”

The effort aims to create opportunities and space for the voices of community members through intentional listening sessions. DEI stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the program focuses on three main pillars: community engagement, agency funding, and equity in leadership.

DEI United also provides a grant program to assist emerging leaders of non-profit organizations with their professional development goals. The program aims to provide support for those who identify as people of color. “In the future, we hope to replicate this model with other marginalized groups within the community so we can have, like, an interconnected cohort of support,” says UWNCNM Community Investments Grants Manager Trish Marquez.

To learn more about the collaborative effort and grant, click here. To find out more about United Way of North Central New Mexico, click here, and to find out more about the Albuquerque Community Foundation, click here.