Dr. Elizabeth Hairston recently released an excerpt in “Dear Superwoman,” an anthology highlighting 28 established pioneers and authors from around the world. The stories in the anthology support women’s empowerment, and the book has quickly become a bestseller on Amazon.

Natasha Mackey, a former Roswell City Council Member, brought about the idea for the anthology “Dear Superwoman” and encouraged authors to share their stories. Dr. Hairston shares her positive outlook, despite difficult circumstances, through her excerpt.

Dr. Hairston’s excerpt in the book, titled “Midwest Encounter,” details her experiences raising her family coming out of the civil rights movement in Mississippi, moving through horrific experiences going through graduate school in Ohio, and all that she encountered spiritually along the way.

Dr. Hairston wants to inspire everyone to write and tell their stories to bring about change. If you would like to read the anthology, the book is available on Amazon here.